Challenge toughness with the latest waterproof performance
The first X-protection in the BB series.
Innovation into a highly durable design model
The new X-Sense BB is equipped with X Protect, the first in the BB series,
and has been reborn as a waterproof model with iron walls. Furthermore,
by installing HAGANE gear, we have obtained the highest durability
in the history of the model, and innovated into a machine that
can be used in various situations such as shore games,
wading and boats. In addition, the rapid fire drag that responds instantly
to the angler's instantaneous judgment is adopted because
it develops an advantage even when confronting the big sea bass.
Not only has high specs that exceed the class,
but also the design has been redesigned to high grade,
leading the angler aiming for a ranker sea bass to a further stage.
Technical characteristics

C3000MHG 3000MHG 4000MHG
This model is suitable for 8 to 9ft
sea bass rod.The light tackle
is perfect for delicate fishing.
Basic size of sea bass reel.
A well-balanced model that matches
a wide range of sea bass rods.
This model is for long-distance casting
with a rod of 9ft and more. It is easy to
handlewith a moderate winding speed
and is ideal for use as a ranker
sea bass in largeareas such as
large rivers and tidal flats.

This model is suitable for fishing
on the surf. It supports a wide range
of fishing from light shore jigging.

HAGANE gear X-PROTECT Rapid fire drag
HAGANE gear that has been installed on
many Shimano spinning reels.
NEW EXSENSE BB is equipped with
a newly designed HAGANE
gear equivalent to the higher models.
As a result, one size higher reel gear
strength is achieved.
By combining the water-repellent effect
and the labyrinth structure, it realizes
waterproof performance that withstands
water pressure without impairing the
lightness of rotation. The mounting points
are the line roller part and the body
(roller clutch) part.In particular,
the durability of the line roller is more than
5 times higher (compared to our
conventional product).
The change in drag force with respect to
the rotation speed of the drag knob is
great, and it is a very effective function
in situations where you want to make drag
adjustments instantly, such as when you
want to stop the fish around the structure
or when you suddenly plunge your feet.

G free body ONE - PIECE BAIL Screwed handle
The worm shaft is located above the drive
gear, and a G-free body with the center
of gravity close to you is adopted.
It makes the lightweight and lightweight
feel even lighter at the level of experience,
and enables aggressive fishing with
excellent operability.
Ultra-fine shape with seamless seams.
The cold forging technology has been
injected to achieve extremely hard and
scratch-resistant strength. With the
structure without steps up to the line
roller, we have overcome problems such
as lines getting caught.
(* The image is another model)
Like the higher-end model, it has
a screw-in handle fixing structure.
Direct winding without play is possible.
(* The image is another model)

Handle 1
Line capacity Bearing Catalog
Nylon Line (lb-m)
Fluorocarbon Line (lb-m)
PE Line (PE-m) BB Roller
C3000MHG 6.0 88 240 9.0 8lb-130m 10lb-110m 12lb-85m 5/1 19,000 JPY 15,048
8lb-110m 10lb-90m 12lb-80m
PE 1-190m PE 1.2-150m PE 1.5-120m
3000MHG 5.8 85 250 9.0 8lb-130m 10lb-110m 12lb-85m 5/1 20,000 JPY 15,840
8lb-110m 10lb-90m 12lb-80m
PE 1-190m PE 1.2-150m PE 1.5-120m
4000MHG 5.8 93 280 11.0 10lb-160m 12lb-120m 16lb-90m 5/1 20,000 JPY 15,840
12lb-110m 16lb-90m 20lb-65m
PE 1.2-250m PE 1.5-200m PE 2-150m
4000MXG 6.2 99 280 11.0 10lb-160m 12lb-120m 16lb-90m 5/1 20,000 JPY 15,840
12lb-110m 16lb-90m 20lb-65m
PE 1.2-250m PE 1.5-200m PE 2-150m
* HG means high gear specification
* C means compact body.
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